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Core Values and Beliefs




Our Philosophy & Mission

APPLES Early Childhood Education Center

The APPLES Early Childhood Educational Center provides high quality Early Childhood Education to a diverse population of preschool children based on their educational profile. The program enables students with special education needs to learn alongside their general education peers, when appropriate, in a safe, nurturing, and responsive environment. All children are appropriately challenged through intentionally planned learning experiences, aimed at developing their academic, communication, physical, creative and social skills.

The APPLES Early Childhood Educational Center prepares each and every student for their career in Education and beyond. We share the Stamford Public Schools Mission to provide an Early Childhood education experience that cultivates productive habits of mind, body and heart in every student with the support of our families. 

Diversity of every type is explored, recognized and appreciated at APPLES. APPLES’ students develop the skills to honor, understand, and celebrate the differences and similarities in each of us through a genuine multicultural education. We strive to provide experiences that empower and prepare children to become successful participants in their community.

In recognition of Stamford Public Schools’ Mission, APPLES is dedicated to providing an early childhood education that cultivates productive habits of mind, body and heart of three and five year old students to meet the CT ELDS and be ready to enter Kindergarten with the support they need to be successful students and productive members of society.



The APPLES {Age-Appropriate Peers Playing Learning and Exploring in School}

Program is located in the Early Childhood Educational Center at Rippowam.

Preschool is an integrated preschool program that offers a nurturing and enriching initial school experience by providing the following programs: 

1. General Education Peers Program

2. Special Education Program

3. School Readiness Programs