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Arrival & Dismissal


Arrival is often the hardest part of any learner’s day and setting your child up for it to be successful is paramount. Prepare your child for the start of school by talking about APPLES as a bright and happy place. Your positive attitude is the most important. If you have concerns and worries about your child going to school, please be sure to share them with the teacher, or the building administrator, not in front of the your little one. If you choose to bring your child to school the first day, be sure to leave as quickly as you can to ensure that the teacher can start the day's activities. This will send your little one the message that school is a safe place to be. Reassure him or her that you will return at the end of the day.

Instruction begins promptly at 8:10.

Please allow our staff to greet you at the curbside of the car and help your child disembark from your vehicle. The staff member will then escort your child to his/her classroom in order to begin the day. Students requiring specialized transportation outlined in their Individualized Education Plans will be picked up and dropped off by the bus in front of the main entrance located at the North End of the building, parallel to High Ridge Road. This will help the children with transitioning into the school day without prolonged good-byes, which can be emotional for all. It is also creates less commotion and adults coming and going throughout the building.

If your student arrives after the start time, please park in a designated parking spot and bring your child to the main entrance to be checked. Only then can a staff member be alerted to bring your son or daughter to their classroom.

If your student is arriving by bus, he or she will be greeted by our staff before their feet hit the curb. Students are guided into the building by our para professionals and teachers and checked into our classrooms.


 Dismissal times vary by class. Please follow the schedule sent to you by Administration. Those picking up their students by car should wait at the curbside and their student will be brought to them at the end of the day. If your child rides the bus, staff will escort your child and put them at the right bus upon dismissal.


You may not drop off or pick up your child without signing them in/out.

Pick-up Authorization

Only parents and the authorized individuals whose names and information has been added to the “Pick-up authorization” in the child’s file will be able to pick up the child.

NO EXCEPTIONS are made. A teacher in charge of the child during the time of pick-up must recognize the authorized individual that is picking up the child. You will be asked to show an approved photo ID (driver’s license, passport, etc.) to identify yourself if the teacher does not recognize the individual.

Please consider and be prepared for this safety procedure.


Transportation is only offered for students who have Individualized Education Plans. If your child requires transportation, please contact your child’s teacher so they can set up a Planning and Placement Team Meeting.

School Readiness and General Education Students are not offered transportation.